Pawns Of Power

Murder And A Baby

Episode 1. Murder and a Baby

While on the road Hector heals the parties wounds bringing the group back to full health. Closing in on the road Shar hears the sounds of a struggle. The party approaches and sees 2 Half Orc thugs and an elf rogue finish killing a man and a woman.

Gaining surprise Grom fires a crossbow bolt killing the spear carrying Half Orc. And starting the fight. It was no contest. Talish the wizard fires off a Magic missile taking the next Orc down but not putting him out. After killing the other Orc and Grom taking a cut from the lead Elf. They bring the elf known as Greenleaf down and he pleads for his life just as Hector finds a baby hidden and alive in the bushes.

The group talks about stripping the villain who is severely injured of clothes and weapons and letting him go when Hector seeing nothing but evil pronounces a sentence of death on Greenleaf. Between Hector and Talish they end the villain’s life.

Searching the body’s they find a small amount of gold and Talish finds a small ruby. Taking the armor and what little treasure they find they move on taking the baby to the nearest village



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